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CRC: Your Research and Consultancy Link to Philippine Business Opportunities

By |March 11th, 2022|Digital Sector, Energy Industry, Expertise, Family and Youth Education, Food and Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Industry, Migration and Overseas Filipino Work, News, Transportation and Logistics|

The Center for Research and Communication is your research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities. The pandemic has taught us that we need to build partnerships in order to develop our business climate. Now more than ever, it is crucial to let your business be linked with various industries in the Philippines. We have ... continue reading

CRCFI earns National Privacy Commission’s Accreditation for Data Protection Officers Training-The-Trainers (T3) Program

By |October 19th, 2021|Digital Sector, Expertise|

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) awarded the Center for Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. (CRCFI) a Certificate of Accreditation. The certification recognizes the institution as a highly qualified, well-experienced, and trusted institutional Privacy Trainer under the Training-the-Trainers Program (T3P). Present in the awarding ceremony are Mr. Daniel Rodrigo D. Reyes, President, CRCFI; Mr. Cyrus Paolo Buenafe, Chair, ... continue reading

Keeping Pump Prices Competitive: CRC Consultants Develop a Market Study on the Refined Petroleum Industry for the Philippine Competition Commission

By |August 3rd, 2021|Energy Industry, Research Findings, Transportation and Logistics|

CRC in the Energy Sector — If there’s any industry where it’s clear just how important competition is for consumers’ wallets, it’s the oil products industry. So when the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) wanted to take a closer look at the inner workings of the “downstream petroleum industry,” a team of consultants from CRC, headed ... continue reading

Investments Needed for New Digital Platforms for Filipino Creatives, Say Speakers at Forum on the Philippine Arts, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising Sector

By |July 28th, 2021|CRC Events, Digital Sector, Economic Fora, News, Series of Economic Fora, Social Economics|

CRC in the Digital Sector -- With Filipino creatives making waves around the world, there’s little question that the country’s creatives are among the best in the world, agreed the speakers at a forum on “Arts, Entertainment, and Advertising to Steer Philippine Economy” last July 9, 2021. But if the Philippine creatives sector is going ... continue reading

An Emerging Super-Sector: How Information Technology and Telecommunications are Key to the Future of Filipino Creatives

By |July 16th, 2021|CRC Events, Digital Sector, Economic Fora, News, Series of Economic Fora, Social Economics|

CRC in the Digital Sector -- When eminent Filipino economist Bernardo M. Villegas talks about the future of the Philippine economy, he often points out that Filipino talent, particularly the talent in the Media and Entertainment Sector, are among the Philippines’ greatest assets. But drumming up business for the country’s creatives requires long term investments ... continue reading

CRC to Co-Organize Forum on Foreign Direct Investments in the Philippines’ Energy Sector

By |July 15th, 2021|CRC Events, Economic Fora, Energy Industry, News, Series of Economic Fora, Social Economics|

As an archipelago uniquely vulnerable to the ongoing climate crisis, the Philippines is one of the countries which stands to benefit most from safer, cleaner energy technologies.  But energy is one of the most capital-intensive among the Philippines’ key industries. How will it be affected by recent government efforts to encourage Foreign Direct Investments? ... continue reading

Will the Philippines’ digital economy benefit from reforms encouraging Foreign Direct Investments?

By |July 1st, 2021|CRC Events, CRC Publications, Digital Sector, Economic Fora, Series of Economic Fora, Social Economics, Trends|

The Digital Economy -- What would happen to the Philippine’s digital sector if the Philippine constitution could be amended to encourage more Foreign Direct Investments?  Analytics, data science, e-commerce, and online services  may be some of the key growth industries that could fuel the Philippines’ post-pandemic economy, but they are all ultimately dependent on the ... continue reading

Policy Balance Would Help Philippine Small and Medium Enterprises Benefit from New Investments Arising from Constitutional Reforms — CRC President Daniel Rodrigo Reyes

By |June 21st, 2021|CRC Events, Economic Fora, Infrastructure and Industry, News, Series of Economic Fora, Social Economics, Trends, University News|

New Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) could greatly benefit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) if policies are put in place to balance the influx of new players, asserted CRC President Daniel Rodrigo Reyes earlier this month at an event examining the constitutional reforms that have recently been proposed in the Philippine legislature. Mr Reyes gave the ... continue reading

Where to Begin Investing in Philippine Food & Agribusiness

By |June 1st, 2021|CRC Events, CRC International Investor Roadshows, Finance, Food and Agribusiness, News, Social Economics, Trends|

Pasig City – Where do you invest if you’re looking to invest in Philippine Agribusiness? Agribusiness advocate, columnist, and educator Dr. Rolando T. Dy – a consultant at the Center for Research and Communication – suggests investing in products with strong local demand, such as Rice and Coffee, among others; or in products like cavendish ... continue reading

VIDEO — CRC holds its 2021 International Food and Agribusiness Investor Roadshow

By |May 21st, 2021|CRC Events, CRC International Investor Roadshows, Finance, Food and Agribusiness, Social Economics, Trends, Webinars|

PASIG CITY — In an age of rapid innovation, investments Philippine agribusiness represent a unique opportunity to hit two big birds with one stone: profit for enterprising new businesses, and the chance to help 650 million people in Southeast Asia achieve food security. “Making better use of our 14 million hectares” Eminent economist Bernardo Villegas ... continue reading