CRC is the research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities.

Founded in 1967 as a think tank applying economic insights to address business needs, we have grown to become one of the Philippine’s most important research and advisory firms. We have continuously provided innovative business advice, tapping a diverse pool of experts across a tapestry of different fields, including infrastructure and industry; energy; transportation and logistics; food and agribusiness; health and wellness; digital technology and analytics; and education.

With the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) as our partner, we are in a unique position to help businesses through a wide array of services, including technical and financing evaluation, demand evaluation, partnership development, project impact evaluation, and team upskilling, among others. We are committed to work together to provide accurate and reliable business insights, tools, and business solutions to drive investors from all over the world to grow and expand their businesses in the Philippines.

To be an internationally recognized, preferred research and consultancy solutions provider, linking the Philippines with Asia-Pacific and global partners for mutually beneficial socio-economic development in the service of the dignity of the human person, by 2023.
The CRC foundation is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in the service of man and society. In pursuing its mission, it focuses on questions that bear on the dignity of the person, the unity of the family, civic responsibility, human solidarity, with the purpose of making current issues understood by decision-makers in business, government and civil society, thus translating progressive ideas into action. It also aims to help form a responsible citizenry that can judge policies on the basis of their wisdom rather than populist appeal.

CRCFI Member of the Board

Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.

Vice Chairman/ Treasurer:
Omar T. Cruz

Winston Conrad B. Padojinog

Vice President:
Bernardo M. Villegas


  • Daniel Rodrigo D. Reyes
  • Judy Rosario G. Cam
  • Francisco C. Sebastian
  • Manny I. Ayala
  • John Eric T. Francia
  • Roberto Miguel S. Roque

Legal Counsel:
Jo Aurea M. Imbong

Corporate Secretary:
Rio Angela Q. Larracas

The Research and Consultancy Link to Philippine Business Opportunities