In today’s complex business environment, success boils down to finding the right insights.

The right approach can create exciting new business opportunities out of challenges like shifting regulations, evolving forms of competition, and seemingly unpredictable customer behaviors.

The challenge is in finding experts who have the specialized knowledge required to tackle complex business issues, but who also have the creativity needed to see those issues from a fresh point of view. On top of that, they also need to be able to take technical findings, and translate them into pragmatic, effective business cases.

That’s where the Center for Research and Communication (CRC) can help.

Business Feasibility

CRC can help you determine whether it is economically, logistically, or technically feasible to set up shop
in the Philippines – or whether there are other ways of reaching the Philippine’s dynamic, opportunity-filled market.

Demand and Supply

CRC can help you determine the demand and price points for your products, making your entry into or expansion in the Philippine market much easier.

Partnership Development

CRC can make business easier for you by creating meetup opportunities which will allow your clients to interact directly with potential Philippine partners. To make these meetups even more effective, CRC can also create briefings on the way business is done in the Philippines for specific industry sectors.

Project Impact

If you have already done projects in the Philippines, CRC can help you measure your project’s technical, economic, and social impact – whether to determine new directions for an ongoing project, to document a concluded project’s successes, to comply with administrative requirements, or to craft a promotional narrative for the client based on a successful project undertaking.

Customized Solutions

  • Data Analytics and Insights generation for domain-specific cases
  • Design Thinking applied to domain-specific operational processes
  • Development of Business Strategies for specific industries

Consultancy Services for
Investors in the Philippine Market

CRC can put together a comprehensive package for investors seeking to invest in the country. From finding local partners and providing briefings on Philippine regulations and ways of business to evaluating the demand for products and the technical requirements for setting up shop, CRC can be your key partner in the quest for a foothold in the Philippine market.

Value Chain Analysis

CRC can help you analyze the various participant and inputs that range from your suppliers, to your distributors and end clients; to identify areas where you can add value and improve your competitive advantage.

Upskilling and Learning

As the research and consultancy partner of the University of Asia and the Pacific, CRC is in a unique position to help you conduct training sessions, short courses, workshops, and any other upskilling venues.

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