The Center for Research and Communication is your research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities. The pandemic has taught us that we need to build partnerships in order to develop our business climate. Now more than ever, it is crucial to let your business be linked with various industries in the Philippines.

We have a dynamic team of researchers who can apply economic insights to address business needs. We have over fifty years of experience in providing innovative business advice, and we have recently adapted to provide digital solutions and certifications, such as in data privacy and protection.

Our team of experts have the specialized knowledge required to tackle complex business issues. Our experts have experience in our key fields of expertise, including infrastructure and industry, energy, transportation and logistics, food and agribusiness, health and wellness, digital technology and analytics, and education.

We also have the creativity needed to see those issues from a fresh point of view. We can help you develop partnerships that can allow you to interact directly with potential Philippine business partners. We can also provide insights that can guide you in making crucial decisions in today’s competitive market.

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The Center for Research Communication (CRC) is the research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities, uniquely poised to help you with business feasibility evaluation, demand and supply analysis, partnership development, project impact evaluation, value chain analysis, customized solutions for design thinking, data analytics and insights generation, and development of business strategies, and consultancy services for investors in Philippine market.