Not all markets are created equal. This is why it is essential for businesses to be able to conduct a thorough research before stepping into a new environment. Questions related to market research including the customers’ possible interest in the offering, as well as the availability of raw materials, equipment and other items needed in the manufacturing of the product are needed to be studied beforehand.

Knowing if the consumers have an actual need for your goods will let you recognize how easy or difficult it will be to penetrate the market. It is also substantial to determine the supply for it will aid in your production capability, therefore affecting how much you can satisfy your customers’ needs. Figuring out these two elements will then enable your business to position itself in terms of pricing strategy and discover the various factors that can affect your business in the long run.

This is where the Center for Research and Communications (CRC) comes in with its research and consultancy services. CRC understands a corporation’s need to study its market well to be able to put itself at the most advantageous position as a new player against existing competitors. Being the leading research and consultancy firm in the Philippines, CRC is offering its demand and supply analysis consultancy service to entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business in the country. With its expertise and long-running experience, CRC can help you determine the demand and price points for your products, making your entry into or expansion in the Philippine market much easier.

Needless to say, you can be assured of CRC’s capabilities as it has proven its track record through its involvement with various departments. For the digital sector, CRC has most recently held its very own Data Protection Officer (DPO) Foundational and Certification Courses which aims to empower people into becoming Data Protection Officers and be educated even beyond data privacy. CRC has also assisted the energy sector by determining the strengths and weaknesses in areas such as petroleum and renewable energy. Significant transportation and logistics works have also been under CRC’s portfolio which entails giving advice to LGUs regarding the feasibility of their new projects including the construction of roads and other facilities. When it comes to the field of food and agribusiness, CRC has studied factors that will help in the accuracy of their business data and lessen their losses. Finally, CRC’s association with infrastructure and industry comprises areas in housing, mining, construction retail, commercial and residential real estate, expressway operation, and industrial parks administration.

Being involved in a wide scope of markets, CRC has greatly helped its extensive list of partners determine the value of unserved markets in their sector, identify new opportunities based on emerging customer behaviors and benchmark their successes compared to other players in the industry. You too can achieve this and more. Partner with CRC as your stepping-stone into a successful endeavor for you and your business in the Philippines.

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The Center for Research Communication (CRC) is the research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities, uniquely poised to help you with business feasibility evaluation, demand and supply analysis, partnership development, project impact evaluation, value chain analysis, customized solutions for design thinking, data analytics and insights generation, and development of business strategies, and consultancy services for investors in Philippine market.

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