Are you an up-and-coming entrepreneur looking to set up a new venture? Do you have a current business and are looking to utilize an untapped market in the Philippines? Or are you planning to expand your corporations’ portfolio of facilities and operations? Whichever category you fall into, one thing’s for sure – you need a strategic plan accompanied by a comprehensive market research to effectively gauge your project’s success and CRC can help you accomplish this through its Business Feasibility Evaluation Services.

All business minded people know that one of the most important factors in setting up one’s business for success is by conducting a feasibility study. It is through this preliminary step that one can look for weaknesses, strengths and room for improvements and this is where the Center for Research and Communication (CRC) comes in. Through its numerous key advisors and consultants, as well as its varying experiences in industries such as Digital, Energy, Transportation and Logistics, Food and Agribusiness and Infrastructure and Industry, there is no question that CRC has the capability to bring your company on the road to great heights.

As part of its key competencies and services, CRC, through its extensive background on market research in different industries, can assist your company in determining whether it is economically, logistically, or technically feasible to set up shop in the Philippines. In addition, you will also be able to find out whether there are other ways of reaching the Philippine’s dynamic, opportunity-filled market through your company’s current or planned offerings.

Here are some of CRC’s experiences in dealing with these relevant sectors:

Being involved in semiconductors, electronics, CRC has helped shape market strategies for digital products, anticipate opportunities and risks. Most recently, the success of CRC’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) Foundational and Certification Course, which is back for a 4th and 5th run due to popular demand, proves CRC’s capability to train people with analytics and data privacy.

CRC has been engaged in products such as petroleum, renewable energy, liquified natural gas and aviation fuel. It has helped estimate demand and identify threats and opportunities based on the performance of different players and public demand.

Transport and Logistics
CRC has contributed to relevant works such as expressways, nautical transportation, the construction of logistics facilities and transportation needs of agricultural products. CRC has also advised local government units to foresee the impact of new projects as well as identify ideal locations for facilities.

Food and Agribusiness
CRC has aided with analyzing supply value chains, improving the quality of business data, evaluating losses from threats such as smuggled products and has also done other works in palm oil, non- alcoholic beverages and sugar.

With over 55 years of unparalleled portfolio, CRC has grown into becoming the leading research and consultancy firm in the Philippines. Let CRC help you as your partner in providing the best research and consultancy services for your new venture in the Philippine market.

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The Center for Research Communication (CRC) is the research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities, uniquely poised to help you with business feasibility evaluation, demand and supply analysis, partnership development, project impact evaluation, value chain analysis, customized solutions for design thinking, data analytics and insights generation, and development of business strategies, and consultancy services for investors in Philippine market.

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