Pasig City — CRC has a special treat for its website and social media followers this 2020: we are glad to be able to formally release the video for “The Philippine Economy as a Top Emerging Market,” the CRC International Investor Roadshow event with eminent Philippine economist, Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, held last December 11, 2020.



Understanding how uncertain and exciting the last year had been trade in the AsiaPacific region, CRC wanted to help businesses stay abreast of emerging opportunities and evolving challenges. So CRC invited Dr Villegas – CRC’s research director and holder of the UA&P CRC Professorial Chair for Social Economics – to talk about what businesses can look forward to when they invest in the Philippine economy.

One of the Philippines’ most respected econimists, Dr. Villegas has been advising Philippine presidents on industrial policy formulation and investment promotion since the ’70s, and was even one of the delegates who helped frame the Philippines’ 1987 Constitution.

While his talk presented an overview of the things investors need to know about future prospects in the Philippines (the first part of the video), viewers shouldn’t miss out on the exciting open forum which forms the tailend of the video, where Dr. Villegas addressed answers sent in through the event’s chat function, and through Social media.

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