PASIG CITY — One of the many gems among the Center for Research and Communication’s catalog of publications, “Agribusiness and Inclusive Growth: An Expert’s Advocacy” presents an in-depth look at Agribusiness in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, and how it contributes to the goal of inclusive socioeconomic growth.

Its author, Dr. Rolando T. Dy drew from years of industry experience in Malaysia and the Philippines, working on industry benchmarking, value chain and cost-benefit analyses, business planning, competitive analysis, and specialized analysis of regional Agribusiness prospects in the East ASEAN Growth Area, as well as the promising region of Mindanao in the Philippine, from which he draws his roots.

Dr. Dy starts out by exploring the ASEAN landscape for Agribusiness in terms of competitiveness, venturing into in-depth topics such as seafood and aquaculture exports, tree crops, trade benchmarking between ASEAN and other countries on the Pacific Rim, and the experiences of ASEAN companies that have built a multinational brand.

The second part of the  book then takes a specific interest in the challenges and opportunities facing agribusiness in the Philippines, exploring the linkages between agriculture and rural development, investments and long term financing for agribusiness, the role of agribusiness legislation, and the prospects of specific areas such as the Bangsamoro region and typhoon-afflicted regions in the Visayas.

Dr. Dy then closes the book out by taking an in-depth look at the challenges facing the Philippines’ rice, coconut, sugar, white corn, and oil palm industries.

Aside from being one of CRC’s expert consultants, Dr. Dy, is full professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) School of Management, serves as executive director of the UA&P Center for Food and Agribusiness.

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