The Center for Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. (CRCFI) is pleased to announce the research proposals that were chosen by the Selection Committee for the AY 2023-2024 run of the Research Fund:

1. “Pilot Testing the Institutionalization of Service Contracting Towards the Establishment of A Public Transit Authority in LGUs as a Viable Catalyst for Transport Sector Reform” by Dr. Enrique Ligot of SSE/SEMRI together with Dr. Nicomedes Alviar and Mr. Garry Perez of SLG, Dr. George Manzano and Mr. Paul Argamosa of SEC, and Dr. Varsolo Sunio of SSE/SEMRI/SMN.

The study will look at the possibilities for LGUs in Bataan, Batangas, and Quirino Provinces to develop LGU-based Public Transport Authorities and adopt a service contracting model for buses or jeepneys in their locations.

2. “Decomposing Crowding Out Effect in the Philippines: Leveraging Fiscal Policy to Drive Inclusive Growth” by Ms. Mary Grace Agner, Ms. Viory Janeo, Ms. Alyssamae Nunez, Dr. John Paolo R. Rivera, and Mr. John Angelo F. Cristobal of SEC.

The study will look at whether components of government spending crowd out private consumption and investment spending, and, if yes, will then develop policy frameworks to mitigate crowding-out effects.

3. “Ang Paglalakbay nina Horace, Longinus, at Plotinus tungong Filipinas:  Proyektong Pagsasalin ng mga piling Tekstong Griyego” by Dr. Moreal Camba and Mr. Louise Vincent Amante together with Dr. Leodivico Lacsamana and Mr. John Errol Velasco of CAS.

The study will be a collaboration between the UA&P CAS Filipino Department and the UST Sentro ng Salin at Araling Salin, to translate “Ars Poetica” (Horace), On the Sublime (Longinus), and “On Intellectual Beauty” (Plotinus) from English to Filipino.

4. “Analysis of the Implementation of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) in Pasig City” by Dr. Noemi Barcial Torre together with Ms. Angelica Camacho and Ms. Karen Aragoncillo of SSE.

The study will look at the primary, secondary, and tertiary factors as to why jeepney drivers in Pasig City are hesitant to participate in the jeepney modernization program, and will determine possible policies to address limiting factors cited by the respondents.

CRCFI will coordinate with these project teams for the implementation of the Selection Committee’s recommendations and revisions, and for the next steps of this undertaking.

CRCFI would like to thank all the members of the Research Fund Selection Committee and all the faculty members who submitted their full proposals.


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