Dr. Rolando T. Dy, CRC Consultant on Food and Agribusiness, answers a question about the most cost effective ways to plant Coconut (Cocos nunifera) in the Philippines at the latest CRC International Food and Agribusiness Investors Roadshow earlier this year.

“If you have a small plot of land, let’s say five hectares of coconut and they are all coconut trees, you have to stage [your farm], replanting with short hybrids, [and also intercropping] with suitable crops.”

“If you are near Manila, one interesting product today is the buko juice…. If you’re into exporting Virgin Coconut oil, it’s good to train the Mananguete (Coconut Tapper) because VCO means you have to climb the tree twice a day and extract the sugar from the sap.”

“There are many possibilities.”

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