“The course exceeded all my expectations. It gave me a deeper understanding of data privacy laws. The most relevant parts are the case studies because it gave me the opportunity to apply what I learned and work with other participants. The course fee is very reasonable because the training is very comprehensive. My biggest takeaway is how to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment.”
Atty. Gwyneth Aliga
PayMaya Philippines, Inc.

“It’s the best DPA seminar that we’ve attended so far. The inputs were very spot on and practical. Other DPA seminars that we have attended before were very theoretical and difficult to visualize as to how they can be put in practice. The most valuable parts are the activity sessions. We were immersed into simulated scenarios whereby officers of a company had to arm themselves with DPA knowledge and skills in order to accomplish something significant for the organization and come out of an incident that could have put the company’s reputation in peril. As a non-lawyer, my personal hesitation before stepping into DPA practice has always been the fear that I might not be good enough. A common notion is that DPA practice equates to legal practice and hence usually lawyers are the ones only fit for the job. My biggest takeaway from the course is a confirmation that indeed the DPA practice is multifaceted. While an understanding of the legal framework and regulations on DPA are essential, equally important aspects are information security, internal controls, communication and understanding the company’s operations. The course made me realize that the DPO journey, therefore, entails stepping forward to venture into all these relevant facets of the DPA practice. The course fee is very reasonable. Worth every penny!”

Leyson San Juan
SM Retail, Inc.

“I realized that data privacy and data protection are not difficult to implement within an organization, as long as one has the proper foundational knowledge and a practical understanding of how to establish the framework that will enable data privacy in one’s organization. I found the case studies and group exercises to be quite relevant and helpful in gaining some degree of practical experience on some of the key DPO functions. My main takeaway was the importance of putting a system in place to mainstream data privacy and protection in an organization’s culture and governance. I found the course fee to be reasonable and comparable to similar offerings by other organizations.”
Jose Mari Daclan
Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative
Atty. Garny Luisa Alegre
Monde Nissin Corporation
Atty. Nonilo Libertad, Jr., CPA
Libertad Law
“The course was a deep dive of the key definitions and compliance. Some clarifications were answered like when to have a data sharing agreement etc. The most valuable part for me is the breach drill. It is a good practice especially that we must conduct it at least annually for compliance. The biggest take away for me is how to conduct a breach drill where we need to analyze the situation, assess how to respond, and determine what actions should we take.”
Ms. Sally Bonifacio
Maynilad Water Services, Inc.
“The knowledge and experiences shared by the speakers as NPC Regulators and private practitioners were very helpful. Before the start of the training, I had lots of questions in my mind regarding the DPA and they were clearly discussed during the training. The most relevant part of the course are the discussions regarding the actual experiences of the speakers with their role as NPC Regulators and DPO practitioners. They answer every inquiry in a very clear manner. My biggest takeaway is being able to clearly understand the DPA which boosts my confidence as a DPO practitioner. I will certainly recommend this course to my fellow DPOs.”
Roan Cantuangco
GNPower Dinginin Ltd., Co.
“CRC and the CRC Team was exemplary in conducting the DPO Course. It really trained me well on an expanded level, opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the DPO world, including requirements of the NPC. Hoping to attend the next level of this DPO course. PIA, risk assessment, notification of clients or data subjects, breach management, and data privacy plan are the most relevant parts of the course. My greatest takeaway is that if in doubt, resolve it in favor of the data subjects.”
Alexis K. Javelosa, Jr.
First Metro Investment Corporation
Roselle Basa
University of the East
Joel M. Adducul
ADA Manufacturing Corporation
“The course helped me interact with other data privacy professionals and also gave me new insights about implementing data privacy throughout the organization. The CRC-DPO Certification Course was a great way to connect with other data privacy professionals, and ground my company’s data privacy programme both in practice and theory. The topnotch delivery of the lecturer, Dr. Patdu, is matched by the efficient administrative and logistical support of the CRC staff. Definitely recommended for both experienced and newly practicing data privacy professionals.”
Arvin Razon
Brankas Digital Technologies, Inc.
“The course taught me that not all data can be shared, that we have our rights, and that we can protect ourselves from harm if we are aware of Data Privacy and Protection. All of the topics of the course are relevant. One thing that challenged me the most is the breach drill because the different ingests given to us made me really think about the possible data breaches and actions that should be taken in each scenario. My biggest takeaway on the course is that I am now knowledgeable enough on Privacy and Protection when it comes to my personal information. We can say as well to our agency that we now know how to value the data of our clients and be able to weigh on the records to be released to other people. The course fee is reasonable because the lecturer is good the topic is good.”
Veronica Kriz Enriquez
“The course greatly contributed to my minute knowledge on data privacy. After going through the course, I now have a better understanding of the value of an individual’s right to privacy and the importance of protecting it especially in these times where technology has grown so much. Modules 1-7 were all equally important as one cannot be more necessary over another. The course has taught me that being proficient in all aspects of data privacy can determine the success of the organization’s objective to abide by what has been set by law. My biggest takeaway is in all situations/issues where there is doubt/uncertainty and data privacy is at risk, the one thing we can always go back to, as DPOs, are the rights of an individual followed by the 3 principles of transparency, legal purpose and proportionality.”
Mary Jade Oquinena
Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.
Atty. Ronifelle Barrios
RLB Law Office / The Bicycle Scouts Project, Inc.
Atty. Clarence Guinto
“The course made data privacy concrete and not abstract. As the appointed DPO, all parts were really relevant. That data breaches are real risks and companies should really push to strengthen data privacy in the organization.”
Kevin Alcid
Decathlon Philippines, Inc.
“The lectures and sharing of insights enriched my knowledge and understanding of the DPA and its IRR. The workshop activities allowed the sharing of views and insights. My biggest takeaway is that the requirements for compliance with the DPA and its IRR are not easy to implement. It would take time to get things done and continuous effort to make things going in the long run.”
Conrado V. Navalta
Technological Institute of the Philippines
“By providing this kind of training with excellent speaker, CRC was able to hone new and aspiring excellent data officers and compliance officers. The most relevant parts for me are the risk assessment and PIA. The course is very engaging and the speaker is very knowledgeable and was able to explain clearly with actual examples as a guide especially for me as a beginner.”
Merriam Joyce P. Lugtu-Delim
Institute of Corporate Directors, inc.
“The course provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to be a Data Protection Officer. The lecture and the group activities help in giving me a good grasp of the law and its practice. The privacy impact assessment template is a very helpful tool. The course fee is very reasonable because it is one of the most detailed seminars that I attended on Data Privacy and Protection.”
Leonardo Oliver Limbo
Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
“The course helps a lot in my professional development as I can share the things I have learned and to apply it as well in our company as DPO. I find all parts of the training valuable, and I realized that I can be a DPO even if I am a beginner in this kind of field. The course fee is reasonable because the knowledge and experience with the excellent presentations and lecturers are worth it.”
Mr. Jay-R B. Casono
Hechanova & Co., Inc.
“The course helped a lot in building self-confidence on how to carry myself in front of other Business Units on matters of data privacy and protection. The most valuable part are the 5 pillars of compliance because it gives a clear picture on (at least) the minimum requirements of complying with the Data Privacy Act and its IRR. My biggest takeaway is that companies (big or small) and especially Government agencies should really consider data privacy and protection matters seriously, because negligence on this aspect could lead to major repercussions and damages.”
Mr. Marlon Zubiri
Inspiro, Inc.

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