PASIG CITY — As the Philippine economy strives to rebuild itself better, stronger, and more resilient in a post-pandemic future, it has become even more crucial that leaders take a good look at “The Future of Social Enterprise in the Philippines.”

So on October 23, 2020, the Center for Research and Communication Professorial Chair for Social Economics (CRC-PCSE) partnered with the University of Asia and the Pacific Office of Alumni Affairs (UA&P-OAA) to stage the kickoff event for the #IGNITEAsiaPacific Discussion Series, seeking insights from some of the foremost experts on Philippine Social Enterprises.

Eminent economist Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas gave a talk titled “Beyond the Crisis: Opportunities for Social Enterprises”, while Philippine Cooperative Center Chairperson Dr. Garibaldi Leonardo presented a talk on “The Co-op Movement, Leading the Way for Social Enterprise in the Philippines.”

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