In these days of rapid change, the world of business is becoming more and more digital every day. So for #DataPrivacyProfessionals, working in a field full of new frontiers, the development of professional standards has become an even more urgent question.

To learn more about the development of industry standards in the field of #DataPrivacy, the Center for Research and Communication (CRC), working with UA&P’s Department of Information Science and Technology (IST), invited by Israel “Iz” Brizuela, CEO and CRO of ePrivacyNow, to headline a webinar last June 8, 2020.  The video is now available for public viewing below.

The webinar was the latest in a series of joint events between the CRC and the IST, using various online platform for sharing insights relevant to life and business in these times of sudden change. And of course, we’re giving you full access to the video of the event so that you can listen in again and take more detailed notes covering Mr. Brizuela’s insights.

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