The Center for Research and Communication (CRC), in collaboration with the UA&P Master in Applied Business Analytics (MABA) Program held a Design Thinking workshop with the City Government of Pasig last Wednesday Morning, February 12, 2020.  (Main Image)

(2) The activity was meant to help the City Government to determine which of its top priority problems can best be addressed using analytics solutions.

(3) Atty. Bernice Mendoza, representing the office of the City Mayor, led a contingent consisting of the heads and decision makers from several of Pasig City’s front-line service offices.


(4) UA&P MABA Program faculty member Sherwin Pelayo, who is also a part of the Board of Trustees of the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP) , facilitated the event.

(5) The executive lounge of the Pasig City Hall provided a warm collegial backdrop for the dynamic Pasig City team as they tried to match the city’s priority issues with analytics solutions.

(6) The workshop drew on the rich expertise of these frontline decision-makers to gain a deeper understanding of who Pasigueños are and the problems they face on a daily basis.

(7) The participants prioritized the city problems based on their urgency, impact, and feasibility, and availability of data.

(8) The participants then wrapped up by identifying which of these problem areas could most effectively be solved using data and analytics.

(9) Drawing on the expertise of academic institutions like the UA&P MABA program, CRC works with select Local Government Units in its effort to translate progressive ideas into action by making current issues better understood by decision makers in business, government, and civil society.

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