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Making energy affordable while reducing its impact on the environment appears paradoxical. However, “We have to change our mindset,” advised Dr. Tae Yong Jung, Principal Climate Change Specialist of the Asian Development Bank. This paradigm shift was one of the topics covered in the First Round Table Discussion on Strengthening Human Capital through Sustainable Development, organized by the Center for Research and Communication and the Shell Companies in the Philippines on November 16, 2012. The aim of the event was to find concrete ways to pursue development and improve quality of life, while ensuring adequate energy reserves for future generations.

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Under the theme “Energy for Sustainability: Availability, Accessibility, Affordability,” the round table discussion brought together stakeholders concerned with energy, particularly from the Department of Energy, Shell Companies in the Philippines, Petron Foundation, Asian Development Bank, ABS-CBN Foundation, Earth Day Network, Solar Energy Foundation, Don Bosco Technical College, Technological Institute of the Philippines, and UA&P. In addition, around 75 student observers from UA&P and various schools raised their concerns in the open forum.
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The presentations focused on meeting global energy demand while reducing carbon emissions, the relationship between energy usage and GDP, the South Korean “Green Growth Program” and its resulting economic opportunities, and the business risks involved in oil and gas exploration. The reactors discussed specific initiatives such as fuel cell and osmotic pressure technologies, government plans for more public transport using renewable energy, and bringing solar energy to remote locations, thereby improving educational outcomes. The students, mostly from engineering courses, asked questions on the further usage of natural gas and geothermal energy, as well as practical tips on energy conservation.

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To sum up the round table discussion, when it comes to sustainable development the point is to actively seek the economic benefits and improved quality of life that renewable energy can bring.