This article was originally posted on 2011-03-11 06:17:51

Where is the Coconut Industry Heading?

Round-table Discussion on the Coconut Industry

Held at the Telengtan Hall on February 10, speakers for the nearly 3-hour RTD were headed by former Ambassador and CRC Trustee, Dr. Jose V. Romero, who served also as the facilitator of the discussion, explored the history and importance of the coconut industry and the coconut funds. Coconut Industry Fund (CIF) Chairman Oscar Torralba presented a current update on the assets of the CIF group.

The round-table discussion highlighted the single question: Where Is the Coconut Industry Heading?, followed by the impact that the Coco Levy has on poverty and ways to resolve it. It also followed talks about farmers and their prospective businesses with coconuts and other agricultural crops.

Other roundtable members included Jocelyn Limkaichong (Vice Chairperson of the Committee Membership in Food and Agriculture), Rey Plana (Former PCGG Head), Jose Malvar Villegas and Representative Sharon Garin, who also shared their ideas and respective views on the issue, with the output of the discussion contributing to legislation.