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Data is said to be the new form of currency today. With the business climate challenged by the pandemic, we need to step up by getting certification on Data Protection. Enroll now in the Data Protection Officer Foundational and Certification Course, offered regularly starting January 2022. It is conducted by The Center for Research and Communication, an accredited Institutional Privacy Trainer of the National Privacy Commission.

Participants can earn both a CRC and NPC DPO certificate if they both pass the CRC certification exam and the NPC DPO ACE Level 1 exam.

CRC is your partner in getting certified as a Data Protection Officer. As the research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities, our course is backed by over fifty years of industry partnerships and research. We are experts in linking businesses with industry leaders and providing economic insights to address various enterprise needs.

At CRC, we go beyond compliance to the Data Privacy Act. We go the extra mile by focusing on measures in implementing data security in your companies and organizations, with opportunities to further upskill your team through our training programs on data privacy and protection.

Our DPO course is backed by years of research and solid partnership development strategies across various businesses. We can provide you with a DPO Certification that is required in every organization.
We are also open to further developing our partnership with you beyond the DPO course. We would be happy to help you with your business needs. We have a diverse pool of experts across our key fields of expertise, including infrastructure and industry, energy, transportation and logistics, food and agribusiness, health and wellness, digital technology and analytics, and education. Our business consultancy services include customized solutions for design thinking, data analytics and insights generation, and partnership development.

We also recognize that the new normal has ushered in new careers which are significant in today’s business environment. Our DPO Certification is perfect for anyone who would like to pursue a career as a Data Protection Officer. This is also useful for any employee who handles and processes personal data.
Our DPO Certification is for anyone, because Data Protection is for everyone!

Our office can help you from business feasibility evaluation, to data privacy and protection, as well as providing upskilling and training services for your team. On top of that, we can also help you develop a privacy management program, which is crucial in today’s business climate, as well as conduct a privacy impact assessment for your company, and customized data privacy workshops to match your company’s training needs.

At CRC, we do not only let you earn both a CRC and NPC CPO certificate once you pass the course exams. We also provide you with dynamic business solutions and develop a partnership with you to further your professional and organizational growth. We are also a Filipino company, and we take pride in helping you contribute to our dynamic economy.

At CRC, we can assure that you will have the competitive edge that will allow you to implement data security in your organization.

Training Schedule
4th run(all weekday): April 28, 29, May 5, 6 and 12, 2022
5th run (with weekend): May 13, 14, 20, 21 & 28, 2022

Course Description
The DPO Foundational and Certification Course is a 4-day interactive – instructor led training with course study material by subject matter experts,  and intensive writeshops on privacy impact assessment, privacy notice, advisory opinions, among others. It adheres to international standards such as ISOs and is a first step to becoming a full-pledged Data Privacy Officer. The lectures are conducted via Zoom.

A certification examination will be administered by the Center for Research and Communication on the afternoon of the 5th day of the training. 

The examination will gauge the competencies of the students against the DPO Body of Knowledge with the following particular areas:
1. Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) and its Implementing Rules and Regulation
2. The WHAT, WHY and HOW of Data Protection and implementing data security in the enterprise
3. Duties, roles, responsibilities, and accountability of a Data Protection Officer
4. Accountability and Responsibilities of the Enterprise in protecting its assets (specific to data
in relation to personal data of its stakeholders)

The DPO ACE Level 1 Exam will be scheduled and administered by the National Privacy Commission. NPC will notify the qualified participants endorsed by CRC on the schedule of the exam.


Atty. Ivy D. Patdu

Atty. Ivy D. Patdu is a physician, a lawyer, and a privacy practitioner.  Atty. Patdu has built her professional career by bridging the disciplines of medicine and law, specializing primarily in Health Law and Privacy.  She is a consultant for privacy and other legal issues for both government and private sector, including her previous engagement as member of the National Health Data Privacy Experts Group of the National eHealth Program. She served as Deputy Commissioner of the National Privacy Commission, providing her expertise in the development of the Implementing Rules of the Data Privacy Act and leading the DPO ACE Training Program. She has been a member of the academe since 2011, teaching in the Ateneo de Manila School of Law, San Beda College of Law, Alabang and UP College of Medicine.


Atty. Jpee Hernandez

Atty. Jpee Hernandez is a former chief of staff of the National Privacy Commission Office of the Deputy Privacy C Atty. Ivy Patdu. Atty. Hernandez has been one of the sought-after resource speakers in training organizations about RA 10173. He gained his experience working as a Compliance and Data Privacy Officer for multinational publishing company Financial Times Electronic Publishing (Philippines), Inc. During his 9-year tenure with the company, he has developed expertise in systems and policy development, privacy impact assessments and harmonization of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the Philippine’s Data Privacy Act to enable both laws to effectively make the company compliant. Currently, he is an Assistant Vice President and Deputy Data Protection Officer for one of the Philippine’s biggest universal bank.

Atty. Karl John A. Baquiran

Atty. Karl Baquiran has about 17 years work experience in varying capacities in both the government and private sector particularly handling information technology, academe, financial and health operations. He is a former member of the Data Security and Compliance Office of the National Privacy Commission. He has been a resource speaker during awareness seminars, briefings and workshops involving compliance with Data Privacy regulations. Recently, he was recognized as an Accredited Privacy Trainer by the Commission under its Training-the-Trainers Program (T3P). Currently, he is conducting his private practices and serves as a consultant for the Ateneo de Manila University – University Data Protection Office while also involved in the compliance of several organizations to Data Privacy and Protection laws and regulations.

Who can enroll?
This workshop is recommended to any individual who aspires to be a Data Protection Officer, to have a career in data privacy, or to have a basic awareness and knowledge on data privacy especially those who use, process, and maintain personal data.

Registration Process
To reserve a slot, kindly follow the following steps:

1. Fill out the online registration form.
2. Wait for an email notification from CRC.
3. Provide the required information for the billing request and wait for the invoice.
4. Pay at least 50% of the course fee thru cash or bank transfer and email deposit slip or
proof of payment to CRC.
5. Wait for an email confirmation from CRC and the official receipt of your payment.

Discover what our graduates say about the CRC DPO Foundational and Certification Course in this link.

Course Outline

The Center for Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. (CRC) is an accredited Institutional Privacy Trainer of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) with accreditation number TP-IPT 2021-007. CRC also conducts in-house training for the DPO Certification Course. For inquiries, email: [email protected].