When it comes to tourism, it is no secret that one of the things the Philippines is most famous for is its pristine beaches. That’s why it comes as no surprise when Dr. Bernardo Villegas states that Palawan will be one of the places that will benefit the most from the economic recovery of the country post-pandemic.

Why Palawan? It all comes down to what is called as agritourism. Simply put, it combines two of the country’s main selling proposition which are agribusiness and tourism. One must keep in mind, though, that agribusiness pertains to the whole process of agriculture, including but not limited, to farming, fishing, harvesting, logistics and even retail. If utilized properly, boosting this province’s tourism can be instrumental in decreasing the country’s poverty rate from 18% to a single digit by 2028. This is because “agribusiness and tourism are the two most job-generating sectors of the economy,” as explained by Dr. Villegas in his article.

Aside from this, Palawan, hailed as “the best island resort in the world,” has always been one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Philippines. Just last 2018, “Palawan received 1.8 million tourists, a 21% increase from the year before,” and it continues to receive various titles like “the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia” and “the most beautiful island in the world.” In addition to its beauty, its strategic location and three international airports make it an ideal destination as well as the private airports of its luxurious resorts such as El Nido and Amanpulo.

Focusing on the agribusiness aspect, aside from Palawan’s three major crops palay, corn and coconut, there is also an abundance of oil and minerals like nickel and copper which opens more opportunities for enterprises and mining companies. This island is also flowing with rich fisheries which provides Manila with 45% of the metro’s fish supply.

Taking all of these into consideration, it is imperative that the right connections be established by having the proper investors who can help invest in the development of not only Palawan’s infrastructures but also its crops. This is where you, as a Foreign Direct Investor, can grab the growing opportunity in one of the country’s finest islands. With the amendment of the Public Service Act (PSA), foreign companies are now able to own 100% of airports, seaports and other transport facilities. Dr. Villegas even goes to explain, “It will not be long before such global infrastructure companies as Acciona (Spanish), GMR (Indian), Balfour (USA) and others will be looking at opportunities to build world-class airports in Palawan in such attractive tourism destinations as Coron, Puerto Princesa, San Vicente, and others that are being identified by the Provincial Government.”

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