As the world further develops scientific innovations, the digital landscape also continues to evolve, allowing the global community to become more digitally adept. With this growth comes the need for companies to enhance their understanding of their market. Doing so will allow one to fully comprehend their consumers’ way of thinking and purchasing habits. This is especially true if you are thinking of establishing a business in the Philippines, which is ranked as the second most active country on social media, according to the Digital 2022 report of social media management firm Hootsuite and creative agency We Are Social. (Source:

As a result, for enterprises to be able to answer this ever-changing thinking of customers, companies must conduct an extensive market research that will allow them to collect relevant data, extract useful insights, prepare a feasible plan and execute foolproof strategies. To cater to this demand, the Center for Research and Communication (CRC) offers a wide range of customized solutions for Data Analytics and Insights generation for domain-specific cases, Design Thinking applied to domain-specific operational processes, and Development of Business Strategies for specific industries, and even on upskilling and training of personnel, especially on Data Privacy and Protection

As the first step, firms should start looking at the data. However, with all the available channels, corporations must find a way to filter and select only the pertinent information needed. This will provide a more seamless approach in conducting analytics that can unearth important trends. Eventually, you will be able to find valuable material for your growth. Furthermore, CRC can contribute to your company’s design thinking process to guide you in pinpointing problems and address them in a creative way by conducting tests and producing prototypes. The objective is to make sure that your enterprise has not only the right knowledge but also the right tools to address your and the people’s concerns. Finally, with CRC you will have the capability to target the appropriate people by developing the suitable business strategy for your desired industry through human-centered design thinking process

Being known as a leading research and consultancy firm in the Philippines, CRC conducts a profound market research to help create new business opportunities even in the face of challenges like shifting regulations, evolving forms of competition, and seemingly unpredictable customer behaviors. This includes the digital landscape where CRC has provided support in terms of analytics and data privacy, as well as semiconductors and electronics. By helping its clients shape market strategies for digital products, anticipate industrywide opportunities and risks, determine future learning needs of specialized industry workers, craft industry roadmaps, CRC has in turn directly facilitated the upskilling and training of clients’ key staff. This is partnered with numerous experts who have the specialized knowledge required to tackle complex business issues and have the creativity needed to see those issues from a fresh point of view. Plus, CRC also opens opportunities for you to take technical findings, and translate them into pragmatic, effective business cases, CRC is your go-to provider of superb consultancy services.

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The Center for Research Communication (CRC) is the research and consultancy link to Philippine business opportunities, uniquely poised to help you with business feasibility evaluation, demand and supply analysis, partnership development, project impact evaluation, value chain analysis, customized solutions for design thinking, data analytics and insights generation, and development of business strategies, and consultancy services for investors in Philippine market.

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