“For [the Owner Driven Construction (ODC)] segment, the possession of a valuable asset like property provides both the security and the opportunity for these households to improve their plight given their limited purchasing power, as long as some form of direct assistance and support is given to them.” 

“Based on preliminary studies of Habitat in the Philippines, the typical abode of an ODC remains a multi-dwelling facility that lacks important access to necessities such a telecommunications and the internet, inadequate to withstand the effects of severe climate change and natural calamities and, recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot meet the required design to facilitate social distancing and isolation when one or more members are ill or infected.”

“As estimated by the study, the sheer size of the ODC segment and its concentration in some areas can provide the necessary scale economies, magnify the opportunities as well as the positive impact for stakeholders – public, private and NGOs – who come to address the needs of the ODC. Concentrating resources and efforts on a large and focused segment such as the ODC in certain areas can lower down costs and magnify the multiplier impacts.”

The study was commissioned by Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter.

Download it here

The publicly available study “Clearing the Housing Backlog: An Updated Supply and Demand Study on Unserved Owner-Driven Construction Segment in the Philippines” by CRC infrastructure and industry consultants Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog and Erica Myra P. Yap discusses the market characteristics of the Owner Driven Construction (ODC) segment of the Philippine housing market – a market segment that enjoys property rights, but whose incomes are ‘below thresholds of lending terms set by financial institutions.’

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