ORTIGAS, Pasig —  The world increasingly looks towards the co-operative movement in its search for innovative new approaches to life and business. So Elsevier Publishing’s June 1, 2020 release of its new book – “Waking the Asian Pacific Co-operative Potential” – marks an exciting moment for the co-operative movement in the Asia Pacific Region.

No less than the International Co-operative Alliance in the Asia Pacific Region (ICA-AP) has endorsed the book to all leaders in the co-operative movement, the academe, andgovernments as an excellent resource in crafting developmental policies.

The Center for Research and Communication is particularly pleased to note that two chapters of the book were contributions from the research initiative under the Leo Parma Professorial Chair for Social Economics.

These two chapters are

  • Credit Cooperatives: The Case of First Community Credit Cooperative (FICCO) From Resilience to Unlimited Opportunities” by Bien Nito, Isagani Daba, and Ernest Marc Castillo; and
  • The Socio-Political Environment of Worker Cooperatives: A Case study on Worker Co-operatives as a Solution to the Issue of Contractualization in the Philippines” by Leo Parma and Ma. Antonette Pasquin.

These chapters form an important part of the book, which focuses on case studies of two Co-operatives in the Philippines and compares their experiences across different socio-political systems in the Asia-Pacific region.

The book is the result of a five-year research project spearheaded by Dr. Anthony Jensen of the University of Newcastle in Australia and members of the Asia Pacific Co-operative Research Conference. It has contributions from thirty-four academics across eleven countries from all over the region.

Aside from providing numerous case studies drawn from successful co-operative organizations in Asia and the Pacific, the book proposes a theoretical framework meant to help readers understand the reasons for the success of these co-operatives, and advances tools that which co-operatives can use to make themselves more effective and more able to reach their optimal goals.

The book can be ordered at: https://www.elsevier.com/books/waking-the-asian-pacific-co-operative-potential/altman/978-0-12-816666-6. • |RE de Leon||CRC.


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