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UA&P celebrated its 18th University Day on August 15, 2013 with the traditional University Day Lecture, given on this occasion by Dr. Rolando Tesoro Dy, Executive Director of the Center for Food and Agribusiness. Dr. Dy’s talk entitled “Inclusive Growth and Agriculture Development” emphasized improving agricultural productivity to reduce poverty and promote integral human development. Dr. Dy stated blunt facts about the country’s anti-poverty efforts: “In the 70s we had a poverty rate of 52%, Indonesia had 58%, Thailand had 59%. By 2000 we were close to 28% while the other countries declined radically.” He then showed how agricultural underdevelopment is related to poverty: “Assuming a population today of about 100 million, there are about 28 million poor, of which 20 million are in the rural sector.” To turn the situation around, Dr. Dy recommended diversifying agricultural products, increasing the value added in their manufacture, and improving rural infrastructure. He also entertained questions from the audience and gave his views on maximizing the use of idle lands, cooperative plantations as one way of improving agrarian reform, and allowing farmers and market demand to determine the adoption or rejection of genetically modified plant varieties. The recognition of the 2013 research award winners which followed also featured studies on furthering integral human development. Dr. Caterina Lorenzo-Molo of the School of Communication received two awards for her studies “When Servant becomes Leader: The Corazon C. Aquino Success Story as a Beacon for Business Success” and “Bringing back the Essence of ‘S’ and ‘R’ to CSR: Understanding the Limitations of the Merchant Trade and the White Man’s Burden.” Dr. Veronica Isla, also from the School of Communication, published “Investigating Second-Hand Fashion Trade and Consumption in the Philippines: Expanding Existing Discourses.” Dr. Maria Victoria Caparas of the School of Management researched “Why Do Managers Engage in Trustworthy Behavior? A Multilevel Cross-Cultural Study in 18 Countries.” The School of Sciences and Engineering also had an awardee in Dr. Noemi Barcial-Torre and her study “A New Wavelet based on Morlet and Mexican Hat Wavelets.”

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In the concluding remarks Dr. Jose Maria Mariano, UA&P President, commended Dr. Rolando Dy’s lecture: “Agricultural development may be one of the missing links between the Philippines’ economic strength, and media reports that economic growth is absent in the daily realities of many. We can overcome any problem in the life of academe when there is eagerness to help the man or woman on the street, by closing the gulf between the discussion of theory and meeting the real needs of real people.”

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