This article was originally posted on   2011-06-30 06:31:34

Round Table Discussion on Media and Entertainment

RTD on Media and Entertainment Entitled Problems and Challenges Facing the Film Industries, a discussion on piracy, existing and implementing film laws and the film industry was concluded on April 6.

Mr. Angelo Lacuesta, Head of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) mentions the current condition of the film industry including possible reduction of tax incentives for artists and the influx of international and digital productions in relation to local cinema.

Ms. Jovi Dacanay, from the UA&P School of Economics, presented a research on box-office ticket sales and a brief timeline as to how films are produced until the time of post-production.

Matthew Lubetich of Evening Sea Productions reiterated on converging media along with the marketing aspects of film and the distribution opportunities existing.

With these highlights, the roundtable were able to bring several issues at hand: regarding illegal camcording in cinemas, local audiences for small-budgeted films by independent people and companies, cultural and social content of local cinema, local cinema and the international market and the making of arts as a business.

All of these encompassed the discussion, which were attended by Cesar Buendia, Film Director for LEB Telon Film Services, Congressman Sigfrido Tinga of the House of Representatives, SM Cinema representatives Nicole Deato and Aileen Llado, UA&P alumni Christian Vallez and Joem Antonio and Mr . Javier Calero. Dr. Veronica Isla and Mr. Arthur Vito Cruz facilitated the RTD. Dr. Bernardo Villegas gave the Concluding Remarks.