Ortigas, Pasig — For a little over an hour last July 30, 2020, viewers from at least four continents came together and focused their attention on Panay island.

Specifically, they paid attention to the history of the founding of the Spanish Colonial era Pueblos of Panay, and the online research update of Dr. Paul A. Dumol, titled “The Pueblos of Panay: Examining Their foundation Dates,” the recording for which can be found below.

In reaching out to the public for this event, CRC was able to reach 12,500 people in 63 countries, and attendees eventually included representatives from national heritage agencies, museums, various history departments, and Panay heritage organizations. The lively discussion involved participation from scholars as far away as Madrid, California, and New Jersey, as well as nearer-by cities like Canberra and Taipei.

Dr. Dumol is currently undertaking the study in a team that also includes Dr. Grace Concepcion, PhD, and E.J. Ofilada under a grant from the Center for Research and Communication Foundation Research Fund. It places a new emphasis on the Spanish colonial era pueblos as the Philippines’ first civic communities.  While barangays were already around before the founding of these pueblos, the inhabitants of those barangays were defined by their familial relations to one another. The foundation of pueblos in the country saw people coming from different families, learning to live with one another.

From the various pueblos would arise the concept of the region as civic community,” the team had said in the study’s proposal, “and from the region would arise the concept of the nation as civic community.

During the event, Dr. Dumol also promised to share the team’s findings regarding the foundation dates of the Panay Pueblos with the public, so that other scholars can provide feedback on the research.  Those findings are currently accessible at https://crc.uap.asia/2020/08/15/panaypueblofoundationdates0815/, with instructions for how to send feedback.

All that having been, said, CRC hopes you enjoy the video of “The Pueblos of Panay: Examining Their foundation Dates.” • | RE de Leon || CRC.


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Dr. Paul A. Dumol’s research update last July 30, titled “The Pueblos of Panay: Examining Their foundation Dates,” has been very fruitful in terms of findings, so there are three groups of content currently up on the CRC website.

This page contains video for the webcast event, captured with the help of the UA&P Department of Information Science and Technology‘s technical production team; a discussion, written by the research team, about the findings of their study so far can be read at https://crc.uap.asia/2020/08/17/pueblosdiscussion200817/ ; and lastly, and a list of Foundation Dates for “The Pueblos of Panay” can be read at https://crc.uap.asia/2020/08/15/panaypueblofoundationdates0815/

The public is welcome to send feedback about the study through the CRC’s Communication Officer for Research, Mr. Remi de Leon,  at [email protected].  Please use the term “Pueblos of Panay Foundation Dates” in the subject line. Please watch this space for further announcements  about the editable website.

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