The Center for Research and Communication invites all part-time and full-time faculty members to share their research findings to UA&P’s external public, through its new research communication initiatives. These initiatives include:

  1. assisting the faculty in organizing events where they can present their research results to external audiences; and
  2. writing popular feature articles based on the faculty’s research papers, which can be shared through social media or through CRC’s media contacts.
  3. CRC Events for presenting faculty research findings

CRC can help the faculty members organize events designed to present their research results to audiences outside of UA&P. CRC can organize the event for the faculty members, taking care of things like logistical preparations, inviting the target audience, and publicizing the event through social media platforms and CRC’s media contacts.

These events can be round table discussions, colloquia, conferences, or any other event conceived by the faculty, as long as the event’s primary public is an external audience (i.e. academic peers from outside UA&P, business and industry leaders, etc.)

These can also be designed to be revenue-generating events, bringing in additional income for the faculty member(/s) concerned. Interested faculty members may download CRC’s template for requesting such events here, and then send them to [email protected].

Faculty members may also ask CRC’s Communication Officer for Research, Mr. Remi de Leon, to develop popular feature articles based on their research.

Stories can be written about completed studies, or for ongoing research if the faculty member(/s) feel that there are noteworthy elements of the study which they want to share with the public right away. Mr. De Leon can then facilitate the publication the story, either through social media or through CRC’s media contacts.

Mr. De Leon is a science popularization specialist who will work closely with the faculty to make sure the feature story will accurately reflect the findings of the study, even as the feature utilizes popular language. He will constantly confer with the faculty member during the writing process, to ensure the accuracy of facts and of the portrayal of the study’s implications and applications. Mr. De Leon will also confer with the faculty before exploring possible venues for publishing the feature.

Interested faculty members may email a copy of their study or proposal to [email protected], along with a short description of the kind of article they have in mind. Or if the faculty prefers, Mr. De Leon can also be approached in person at the CRC office at ACB 6.5 (ext. 350).