Dr. Veronica Ramirez is now an alumna of Metropolis Professional Development (MPD) as she has completed the Training Programme for Migration and Integration Professionals held at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from June 23 to 28, 2014.

The training was sponsored by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Metropolis Professional Development (MPD) is a comprehensive training programme designed to familiarize senior decision makers in government, civil society and the private sector on global migration trends and provide information, analysis and tools on effective ways to manage migration and integration to the advantage of the receiving societies, the migrants themselves, and their homelands.

Dr. Ramirez at the training Programme for Migration and Integration Professionals Metropolis featured the best Canadian and international expertise on migration and integration. Headed by Dr. Howard Duncan, the exclusive international Experts Advisory Committee included Graeme Hugo (University of Adelaide), Jan Niessen (Migration Policy Group) and Peter Schatzer (IOM), and Sandra Harder (Citizenship and Immigration of Canada).

Topics included International trends in the global and local context; managing migration integration programs; Issues, actors and strategies in policy recommendations; Migration Monitoring and evaluation tools, and Migration management for sending countries.

This training will benefit UA&P as it now seriously engages in migration research. It equips Dr. Ramirez, BPI Migration and OFW Professorial Chair Holder, with knowledge, technical and research skills essential to leadership in migration which is much needed in the academe, private and public agencies involved in migration.