The Center for Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in the service of man and society. In the pursuit of its mission, it focuses on questions that bear on the dignity of the person, the unity of the family, civic responsibility, and human solidarity with the purpose of making current issues understood by decision-makers in business, government and civil society, thus translating progressive ideas into action. It also aims to help form a responsible citizenry that can judge policies on the basis of their wisdom rather than populist appeal.


  • To undertake continuing research on policy issues that are invested with public interest and the common good;

  • To organize, promote, commission and/or conduct studies, preferably of an interdisciplinary nature, that focus on issues that bear on the dignity of the individual person, the unity of the family, civic responsibility, human solidarity, the promotion of subsidiarity, and the spirit of expertise;

  • To develop and conduct seminars, conferences and public forums, undertake communication activities both local and international, in order to disseminate or transmit its findings and spread a deeper sense of social responsibility and good citizenship in a free and progressive society; and

  • To bring to public focus and awareness the results of its research and other studies through the publication and the circulation of books, journals, periodicals, reviews, and other informative literature.

The University Credo