About CRC

Conceived in 1968 as a think tank applying economic insights to address business needs, CRC quickly grew to become one of the Philippines’ most important research and consultancy institutions. Broadening its range of research interests, it even started offering academic courses, which eventually gave rise to the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P).

Since then, CRC has continued providing innovative business advice, greatly expanding its pool of experts by tapping the faculty of UA&P – a diverse community of experts across a tapestry of different fields.

This close relationship with the university means that UA&P’s experts are always on the front lines of their industry, both through teaching and through academic research. It also allows them to work closely with colleagues in other fields, and see their research from fresh, unique points of view –uncovering insights which other experts, working on their own, usually miss.

Over the years, CRC’s research output has made immediate impacts in a wide array of sectors, including energy, real estate and housing, sustainable development, beverages, manufacturing, and retail.  But given the many threads of interwoven expertise available to CRC, that’s really just the beginning of the story.

Each new thread makes the tapestry stronger, so if you want to take advantage of that expertise, we’ll be very glad to partner with you.

CRC’s History