“What should be given a high priority is the goal of giving equal access to affordable technical and vocational education.”

“This is the biggest gap in our pool of human resources. It is paradoxical that, despite our having a young and growing population, certain technical skills.. are getting scarcer.”
“There must be greater efforts by both the government and the business sectors to convince many young Filipinos to take up technical courses in TESDA-type of schools instead of being obsessed with acquiring college diplomas that are no guarantee to employment.”
“I have discussed this issue many times in the past and am now reiterating that this is one of the most serious challenges to our educational sector: how to convince both parents and the youth that even before being overly concerned about being ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0, at least in the next 10 years, our greatest need for human resources will still be those related to Industrial Revolution 1.0 (people with mechanical skills); Industrial Revolution 2.0 (those related to the electricity industry); and Industrial Revolution 3.0 (those that have electro-mechanical skills such as those being produced by leading technical schools…)”
“These are the skills that are going to be in greatest demand as we transition from a low-middle income to an upper-middle income economy which has to provide more job opportunities for the marginalized sectors of society.”

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